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Bulk Billed
Eye Tests

We believe that quality eyecare should be accessible for all and are pleased to offer bulk billing of every routine eye test performed in store.

Medicare card holders are eligible for routine eye testing completely bulk billed and covered by Australia’s Medicare benefit scheme*. Some eyes however, require more comprehensive testing. Some additional scans, may result in an associated out of pocket fee.


At Martin Optometry we realise that life doesn’t always quite go to plan. We know you can’t predict when you may wake up with an eye infection or sustain an injury.

This is why, during business hours; we will always be available to tend to emergency optical needs.


A child’s eyes are one of their biggest learning and development tools. Due to this it is essential that they are routinely checked on to see that they are functioning at their best.

An eye test can be overwhelming for little ones, so we have implemented a range of tried and tested tricks of the trade to ensure your child’s comfort, engagement and, dare we say it, even fun throughout their eye exam. Ask us about our free children’s eye sessions in store today.


Martin Optometry is equipped with the latest optical diagnostic technologies. This means that at every check-up, our optometrist will screen for a range of optical conditions.

These include screening and the capability for early detection of Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy and more giving you the peace of mind that all aspects of your optical health have been assessed.


Our team of qualified optical assistants are equipped to ensure that you are fitted with the perfect eyewear to mirror your personal style whilst providing comfort and durability.

Whether you need contact lenses, sunglasses or spectacles, our team is passionate about your visual comfort and want you to love your optical solution, no matter what you choose!

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